A Library is a heart of educational setup. A well equipped and well-managed library is the foundation of modern educational structure and as yard-stick in assessing an institution's growth, progress and success; it is the focus of attention in a college. Our college Library came into existence in the year 1982. It is functioning from Morning 09.00 am to 12.00 midnight.

History and Background

A Library is a collection of information resources & services; exist to disseminate information to the user community. Modern libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources.

The Rural Engineering College Library of Shanti Vardhaka Education Society came into existence in the year 1982.

Library Mission and Activities

The technical library is an integral (heart) part of every technical institution. The quality of technical education is greatly linked with the collection development and services provided by the library. Its mission is to made available its collection to the academic students & faculty through lending, copying electronic, search, bibliographical and information using the principle of service differentiation towards different user groups.

It aims to bring the latest and best text online to academic institution & their students.

Library Services

Library is providing Reference service, Reprographic Service and index service and internet service (browsing online e-resources) to the Faculty members and students.

Digital Library

Recently, separate Browsing Section has been established for browsing the e-Journals, CD's/DVD's for the Faculty members and students in supporting their Project Work, Research Work and for fulfillment of academic requirements.

Library Automation

The library started its Automation in the year 2003 and now it is fully automated by using EASYLIB Software. Bar-coding work is completed and circulation of books is being carried out through the computer. Three books are issued to a student for one week. OPAC system is provided to the users for easy searching of their required material immediately.

Library Collection

The library is having over 66,171 volumes in its collection including General, SC/ST and ST Book Bank Schemes covering eight branches of Engineering with Humanities and Science and Post Graduate courses i. e. MCA. Every year, books are purchased as per the requirements of curricula. As on today, more than 20,247 titles covering different areas in engineering and Technology and MCA disciplines are made available to our students to facilitate them in assimilating and grasping the concepts and ideas in various subjects in this fast, tremendous changing Technology. Generally two books are issued to a student for one week and under Book Bank Scheme books are issued for a semester.

Library is having well ventilated Reading Hall and separate Reference Section of selected books including Text Books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Year Books, Directories and Data Books forms part of the library for the use of faculty members and students. The library has large collection BIS specifications, Project Reports, Proceedings of Seminars/Conferences and bound volumes of back issues of the journals (1515). Books of competitive exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFEL, CAT etc are available for the students so as to equip them to face such exams while they are in the final year of their study.

During the last academic year 2016-17 undergraduate library added 415 volumes and 123 titles worth of Rs. 1,68,389.00 into its stock. And PG Library (M.Tech./MCA) added 38 volumes and 17 titles worth of Rs. 17,212.00 into its stock. In addition, the library is adding minimum 1200 volumes every year.

Journals and Magazines

  • The library is subscribing 93 National Journals (Hard copy) + 22 General Magazines + National, Regional and Local News Papers largely.

  • Our library is a customer of VTU Consortia since 2016. Here we have subscribed IEEE-IEL online, Springer e-journals, ASCE, Elsevier Science, Taylor & Francies, Proquest-Engg. & Tech., Proquest - Management & K-Nimbus

  • Library is also having collection of Video Cassettes 54, C D's 3560 on a variety of subjects.

Library Staff

Sl No. Name Designation
1 G. K. Salmani Librarian
2 S. R. Swamidas Asst. Librarian
3 Shivadas T. W. Asst. Librarian
4 Omkar B. Biradar Lib., Dtr., Asst.
5 Nagabhushan M. G. D.E.O.
6 Amardeep M. SDC/D.E.O.
7 Basawaraj N. M. SDC