This department is working since inception of the institution from 1982. The department is an umbrella under which many branches of science and sections of language work. The department takes the responsibility of teaching Engineering Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, discrete mathematical structure, Graph theory and combinatorics, Probability statistics and queuing, statistics for management together with languages like Kannada, English and subject like CIP (Constitution of India and Professional Ethics) and Environmental Studies.

The Applied Science and Humanities Department enjoys the services of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. Persuation for higher qualification is the major achievement of the department which already got two Ph.D. holders into its fold. The faculties are participating and have presented many papers at various National & International level seminars, workshops and conferences.

  • Physics lab is spacious and well equipped with facilities like He-Ne Laser, Ultrasonic Interferometer etc.
  • Chemistry lab is well equipped to meet all the requirements with latest instruments like Flame Photometer, UV-Spectrophotometer etc.

The department staff assist in conducting centralized Internal Assessment test of B.E. Ist year. They counsel and guide the students of First Year in overall personality development and to meet the challenging task and updated skills under changing scenario of technical fields.