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Research and Development

The thrust areas of research include Medical Imaging, Optics, Photonics, VLSI, Material Science and Microwave Communication. Currently 30 research scholars are pursuing their research at our department. We are currently executing projects worth Rs. 1.85 Crore sanctioned by VTU Belagavi, VGST and Dept. IT, BT, Govt. of Karnataka. Also, the department has Centre of Excellence in Internet of Things (IoT) and different K-FIST programmes. Our faculty members have many publications in National & International Journals and Conferences indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar.


Programme Coordinator Title of the Proposal Grant in (Lakhs) Funding Agency Period (Years)
Dr. Sanjaykumar Gowre Photonic Devices for optical networks 10 VTU Belagavi 03
Dr. Sanjaykumar Gowre Design of Photonic communication system 20 VGST Bengaluru 02
Dr. Nagshettappa Biradar A software for assessment of valvular Regurgitation 50 Dept. of IT& BT 02
Dr. Nagashetteppa Biradar Design & implementation of Echocardiographic image processing techniques using FPGA 40 VGST Bengaluru 02
Dr. B Suryakanth Design and development of planer antennas for wireless and WI-MAX applications 40 VGST Bengaluru 02
Dr. C M Tavade Information and Communication Technology enabled digital signal processing 20 VGST Bengaluru 02
Saba Fatima Power management in heterogeneous system architecture 05 VGST Bengaluru 01