Research Facilities
Vaccum Chamber
Spin coating unit
Expeyes kit
Alpha & Beta spectrometer
Vector Network Analyser
Water distillation plant
Water bath
Fume Hood
Microwave synthesizer
AC and DC Conductivity

Research and Development

The thrust areas of research include Radiation Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Currently 22 research scholars are pursuing their research at our Institute.. We are currently executing projects worth 1.06 crore sanctioned by VGST, Govt. of Karnataka. Also, the department has Centre of Excellence in Polymer Science, Centre for Innovation in Mathematics and different K-FIST programmes. Our faculty members have many publications in National & International Journals and Conferences indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar.


Programme Coordinator Title of the Proposal Grant in (Lakhs) Funding Agency Period (Years)
Dr. Vijaykumar Durg Synthesis, Characterization, Electrical and Biological studies of Metal Complexes of some Trizole Schiff basis 20 VGST Bengaluru 02
Dr. Ashokkumar Koti Boundary layer theory, MHD flows 30 VGST Bengaluru 03
Dr. Sangshetty Kalyane Center of excellence in Polymer Science & Engg. 30 VGST Bengaluru 03
Dr. Jagadish Tawade Boundary layer theory for Newtonian 06 VGST Bengaluru 01
Dr. U V Khadke Development of energy spectrometer for the measurement of energy Radiation concentration 20 VGST Bengaluru 02