The department of chemistry is established in the year 1982. The department offers Engineering Chemistry for I/II sem. B. E., Technical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis for B.E. programs in Chemical Engineering at III and IV semester level respectively. The department has well qualified, experienced and highly dedicated faculty members. The department has research centre recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi from the year 2014. Apart from regular teaching, the faculties are involved in research and consultancy activities. Many faculties are recognized as research supervisors at VTU Belagavi. The department is running an externally funded project from VGST with 20 Lakhs research grant money. Faculties have published many research papers in reputed peer-reviewed journals as well as presented their work in several national and international conferences.

Facilities Available in Research Center

1. PerkinElmer FTRR Spectrometer (Spectrum-2) 8. Conductivity Meter 15. Muffle Furnace
2. Gouy Apparatus for magnetic susceptibility measurement. 9. Potentiometer 16. Digital Electronic Balance
3. Microwave Organic Synthesizer 10. Colorimeter 17. Water baths
4. Fume Hood 11. Flame photometer 18. Hot plates
5. Melting Point Apparatus-Digital 12. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 19. Heating Mantles
6. Water Distillation Plant 13. Hot Air Oven 20. Magnetic Stirrers
7. pH-Meter 14. Palette maker (Hydraulic Machine) 21. Chemicals and Glass wares

We undertake consultancy in the following work

  • Chemical analysis of alloys like brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc.
  • Chemical analysis of metals (% purity) like aluminium, iron, cupper, zinc, lead, silver, etc.
  • Chemical analysis of water for different parameters like chloride, sulphate, free chlorine, hardness, metal ions, pH, alkalinity, etc.
  • Analysis of industrial sewage for COD, pH, organic and inorganic matter, sulphates, hardness, dissolved oxygen, etc.
  • Analysis of sea water for Na+, K+, ions etc.
  • High Polymers - Polymerization, Polymer blends, Composites.
  • Reagents for Spectrophotometric analysis.
  • Coordination Chemistry – Metal complexes.